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I am not much of a blog writer so you won't see many funny, quirky, or odd posts. Ok maybe odd but that is because I live in Odd! 

Seriously I do live in Odd!  Google it!  As for the rest of the posts.. Eh I'll make a few from time to time but I do not promise any brilliant life altering and mind blowing blog posts.

I have the writing ability of a hound dog on a front porch next to a pair of ugly boots.

Hey that would make for a nice shoot huh?

Anyway, my goal here isn't to write about what ever it is that photo bloggers write about but to let you read the story by gazing in to my photos.  My photos tell a story all their own and more often than not my emotions of that shoot come flooding through my lens.

My motto is "Through My Eyes You Shall See" and I hope that you will see just a glimpse of the beauty that I see every day of my life.

Feel free to come find me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/WillaDawnPhotography) or you can find me on Twitter @WillaDawnPhotos.

Well I am off to do some more of that editing and uploading stuff.

Hope everyone has a "Picture Perfect" week!



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